P-style bass modern alternative wiring upgrade kit


A kit of selected, high quality parts to upgrade the wiring in your P-style bass

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This P-bass wiring upgrade kit provides everything you need to furnish your P bass with quality controls and components. It uses modern alternatives to the traditional pots and wire,  the volume and tone controls come from Bourns who are based in the UK and make some of the best quality pots available.  They have high temperature tolerance (good for soldering) and a smooth, consistent action.  The capacitors are Panasonic Polyester film and the kit comes with 20awg modern hook-up wire in black and red.

The kit includes:

2 x Bourns knurled-shaft Audio taper 250k potentiometers made to metric measurements so they should fit into a non-American made instrument without modifications.

A Switchcraft jack socket – the best and most reliable

Panasonic 0.1uF and 0.022uF capacitors – polyester film made to high tolerance (+/- 5%) with a wide temperature range (-40 to 105 C).  These are a high quality modern cap with similar characteristics to an ‘orange drop’ but in a smaller package with leaded radial legs that are much easier to solder. (the 0.1uF is the larger one)

20awg modern hook-up wire, 2ft each of black and red.

Wiring diagram for standard P bass wiring.

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