Pre-wired Strat harness – classic vintage


Pre-wired Strat harness

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A vintage style, pre-wired Strat harness using classic components to get the best from your guitar.

Our Strat classic vintage wiring harness consists of:

  •  1 x USA made, spring action CRL 5-way switch
  •  3 x CTS EP4385 250k audio pots – split knurled shaft – vintage style back
  • 1 x 0.047uF Orange Drop Cap
  • 1 x Switchcraft 1/4″ Mono output jack socket
  • Vintage style cloth covered wire (USA Made)
  • Vintage style braided output wire


Fit the prewired Strat harness to your pickguard and reconnect your pickups, the output socket and the ground wire running from the bridge or tremolo claw. An easy to read wiring diagram is provided. This kit comes with a pre-tinned output wire connected to the volume control that just needs attaching to the output socket.

Will this fit my guitar?

This Stratocaster® wiring harness will fit genuine Fender® USA/Mexican Stratocasters. You can install it into any imported copy or model but you may be required to drill the holes on your pickguard to 10mm diameter to accommodate the larger US CTS pots.

If installing into an imported model or Strat® copy, you may need new control knobs and switch tip to fit the US made CTS pots and CRL switch.

Additional information

Weight 0.245 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 11 cm


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