Schaller 3D-6 guitar bridge with roller saddles


3D-6 guitar bridge

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Schaller 3D-6 guitar bridge with roller saddles

A flat-mount bridge with adjustable height, intonation and string spacing with roller bridge saddles.

The roller bridge saddles reliably minimize string breakage while maintaining intonation and tuning stability. The bridge has 3-dimensional adjustment of string height, intonation and string spacing with the individual string intonation set by adjusting the string saddles.  They also have heavy and precise construction for extra-long sustain.

The overall height can be adjusted with a 3mm spacer.  You can use the screw on the treble side to fix the string saddles in place so that they don’t knock together and rattle when aggressive playing techniques are used.  The strings lie on low-friction roller saddles which help to prevent breakage.

These bridges are fitted with 2 different types of saddle rollers to suit tone and string bending requirements: wide flat rollers for low strings and tight U-shaped for high strings.  This means the string spacing can be adjusted flexibly.

All bridges are supplied with a 3mm baseplate and screws, 3 mounting screws and 1 Allen key 1.27 mm,

Technical specification:

String spacing E-e 50 – 56,5mm, string spacing individual 10 – 11,3mm, string radius 7 – 20“, minimal G/d string height above body 11,1mm, height adjustment 3,5mm, maximum string gauge 52, weight 152g (198g with accessories), for lefty: no

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Nickel, Chrome, Black, Gold


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