Schaller Original F-Series BMF bass machine heads


Original F-Series BMF

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Schaller Original F-Series BMF bass machine heads.  Set of 4 in-line for bass.

These are the perfect replacement tuner for Fender Jazz® and Precision® basses.

All parts are precision-crafted and surface-finished while the self-locking drive ensures an even, delicate and steady tuning.

All string posts are made of high-grade brass and fitted into the housing with utmost precision, ensuring the best possible tuning accuracy and wear resistance.

You can switch from right to left and vice versa by yourself.  Unscrew the screw from the worm gear, lift the worm gear, turn around the worm screw with the button, place the worm gear again and tighten the screw.

(*Fender Jazz-Bass and Precision-Bass are protected trademarks owned by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation).

technical specification: gear ratio 1:20, weight 101g per piece. Counterfort-mount. Supplied with 4 press-in bushings, 16 mounting screws.  Available in Nickel, Chrome, Black Chrome and Gold.

You can find 5 string sets here.

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Nickel, Chrome, Black, Gold


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