SJB-1B Vintage Bridge – Seymour Duncan Jazz Bass Pickup


Vintage Jazz Bridge Pickup

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SJB-1B Vintage Bridge – Seymour Duncan Jazz Bass Pickup (RRP £94.95).  A vintage correct Jazz Bass single coil bridge pickup made to look and sound like the originals.

When the Jazz bass was introduced, the music world was rocked yet again by fantastic new tone and options for a progressing bass community. This pickup is a faithful recreation of the Jazz Bass single coils of the early 60s. Our Vintage Jazz Bass pickups stay true to the originals by capturing that warm tone with just the right amount of midrange.

The bridge model is smooth and punchy and delivers a brightness that is a perfect balance for the warmer neck model. This pickup is a drop-in bridge position replacement for any American Standard Jazz Bass. (Mexican Standard Jazz Basses use two neck-sized pickups). Pair with the Vintage Jazz Bass neck model for a perfectly balanced, hum-cancelling set. Since 1978, we’ve been hand building all of our vintage Fender style single coil pickups with the right colour and thickness of Forbon flatwork, along with the period correct hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets.

Each pickup comes complete with waxed and tinned cloth pushback hook-up wires. We hand file the flatwork, assemble, and lacquer the bobbin just as it was done during Fenders Golden Age.  More info from Seymour Duncan

Position Bridge
Colour Black
Conductor 1 Conductor
Magnet Alnico V
DCR 9.2k
Output Vintage
String 4
Mount J-Bass
Type Single Coil

Video demo of the Vintage Jazz Bass pickups

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