STR-1 Vintage Tele – Seymour Duncan Tele Neck Pickup


Vintage Tele neck pickup

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STR-1 Vintage Tele – Seymour Duncan Tele neck pickup.

This Vintage Telecaster Rhythm pickup brings out the warm, open tone of the best 54 Teles.

From Seymour Duncan: To complement the distinct twang and punch of the Vintage 54 Lead, our Telecaster Vintage Rhythm pickup was designed for a smooth open tone with warm lower mids and airy highs. With its hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets, this neck pickup will deliver big full sounding chords. When used in combination with the bridge pickup, you’ll get that famous hollow Tele sound. Warm enough for most types of rhythm playing, but percussive enough for chicken pickin’ as well. Keeping to that authentic Tele feel, we hand assemble the bobbin with the period correct colour and thickness Forbon and alnico 5 rod magnets, then lacquer it before winding. We add a deep drawn chrome plated brass cover, cloth pushback lead wires, then wax pot like the originals.  More information from Seymour Duncan.

Position Neck
Colour Chrome
Conductor 1 Conductor
Magnet Alnico V
DCR 7.6K
Output Vintage
String 6
Mount Tele
Type Single Coil

STR-1 Vintage Tele pickup video description.

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